Memories Matter: Join Alzheimer’s Awareness Club


Alyssa Carolan, Editor

A new club has made its way to Franklin High.  Alzheimer’s Awareness Club was started this year by junior Alanna Huling.  Alzheimer’s Awareness Club meets every Tuesday after school in room 243.

The main goal of this club is to provide support and care to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or who have a loved one affected by it, whether it be in the form of fundraising for a cure, volunteering at a care facility, or simply providing comfort for someone in need.

When asked about the creation of the club, Alanna said she was prompted by her own personal experience.  “This disease has become a huge part of my life.  My grandmother suffered from it, so me and my family have all been working really hard to bring it to an end,” Alanna explained.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Club is about bringing hope into the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s, and the club intends to organize fundraisers for the Alzheimer’s Association and contribute to finding a cure for the disease itself.

So far, members have already come up with a few ideas for events, such as a walk in Franklin, a movie night, an in-school fundraiser, and they want to do some volunteering at Forge Hill or other care facilities.

Alanna encourages everyone to join and encourages that the entire school get involved.  She said, “We really just want people to care about this cause and who are willing to help.”

When asked about where she sees this club going in the future, Alanna responded, “I hope that this club becomes a huge support to the Alzheimer’s Association and becomes a known helpful source for anyone in this community struggling with this disease.”

Aliya Butt, a member of Alzheimer’s Awareness Club encourages to join because “we support a great cause through spreading awareness for a disease, and even though every day so many advancements are being made, we are making a difference right now in our own community.”

If you’re interested in helping out this great cause, come to Alzheimer’s Awareness Club in room 243 on Tuesdays after school to help contribute to the fight against Alzheimer’s because memories matter.