Juniors and Seniors Are Electing PE

How will you elect to learn here?

How will you elect to learn here?

Chloe Naff

Juniors and seniors here at Franklin High School (FHS) are not required to take the offered Physical Education and Wellness courses.

Instead they are able to either do 30 hours of an outside guided activity, or play a sport, or take on of the four electives offered to fulfill this requirement. For more information talk to your guidance counselors.

One of the four electives is Lifetime Activities. Lifetime activities is offered to all grades at the college prep level (CP). It is a semester long course that is offered both semesters.

This course allows students to play “backyard games” such as Bocce, Kan Jam, Ultimate Frisbee and Wiffle Ball. Students get to build relationships and have fun with friends during the school day.

Yoga and Fitness is an elective open to all grades at the CP level. Yoga and Fitness is a semester long course offered both semesters. The courses are taught by Mrs. Hess and Mrs. Letendre in room 125.

In Yoga and Fitness I, students will be introduced to the basics of Yoga along with its history and how it’s beneficial to one’s health.

If students liked Yoga and Fitness I then there is another semester long course offered. Yoga and Fitness 2, where the only prerequisite is to successfully complete Yoga and Fitness one, goes more in depth than Yoga and Fitness I.

Sophomore Holly Carolan, who took Yoga and Fitness I last year, who recommends the course says: “It taught me breathing techniques to calm down.”  asked what her favorite part was, she says: “I liked that it was not stressful [in fact] it decreased stress.

Speed and Strength and Team Sports are both semester long courses that are offered both semesters to all grades at the CP level. These courses do not have any prerequisites so students can take them at any time in their high school career.

In Speed and Strength,students touch on topics on how to be a good athlete. They focus on proper diet tips and goal settings for athletes. They offer chances/opportunities to improve speed, strength, power, endurance, balance, and agility.

Team Sports is more group activities than Speed and Strength. Where students enrolled in this elective can build skills such as sportsmanship and teamwork.

Students who enroll in the course can have fun with their friends and play games during the school day such as Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Volleyball, and Flag Football. If a student has a game they would like to play they can make a suggestion as well.

For more information on these electives students can talk to their guidance counselors or visit the Health and Physical Education Program of Studies.