The Peer Partnership Project – Connecting Juniors and Freshmen

Lauren Ballinger & Sophia Kripp

After the APUSH exam was completed, Mr.Kelly’s Advanced Placement U.S. History II students worked with Ms.Coady’s and Ms. Paolini’s World History classes to help freshman students complete a research paper. AP students were paired up with at least one of Ms. Coady’s or Ms. Paolini’s students and spent a week of their class time helping freshmen write an informative paper on any topic regarding World War II.

The AP U.S. History II course teacher, Mr. Kelly, started this “program” as “[he] wanted to give APUSH students an opportunity to use the skills they had developed over the the last two  years to assist World History freshman with various components of their research papers on World War II. The one on one interaction between students seemed helpful in moving the freshmen in Ms. Coady’s and Paolini’s classes through the different phases of their research.”

Ms. Coady’s response reflected the positive result of the pairing of these two classes: “It was really helpful to get students paired up with older students who had experience with all parts of the research process. They made more progress more quickly as they had the one on one attention they needed to guide them through each step of their research.”

Overall, the pairing of different grade and class levels may be a technique that other honors or AP teachers should try; not only to benefit their students, but also to help other members of the Franklin High community!

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