Glow at the Neon Dance


Alyssa Carolan, Editor

The Class of 2019 will be hosting the annual Neon Dance Friday, November 16th from 7-10pm in the gym at FHS.  Click here to purchase your ticket!


The Neon Dance is an opportunity to wear your best neon colored clothes and have fun at a school dance that’s more informal.  Students feel it’s a fun way to have fun with friends in a more relaxed way, as compared to Homecoming or Banquets.


The Neon Dance is a great way to raise school spirit before the pep rally and during spirit week.  The funds from this dance go towards the Class of 2019’s senior week, so the more people that come, the better the spirit week.


President of the Class of 2019, Bea Bondhus says, “It’s a great time… It’s a chance to dress in comfy clothes and dance, as well as enjoy all the glowing and the blacklight.”