Coffee Comparison

Elizabeth Clark, Writer

Now that coffee is allowed at FHS after 7:35, more often students are walking into school with a coffee in hand, typically from one of these establishments, all within a half a mile of FHS. From the outside, it is hard to know what each place offers, and which is best for your 7 AM caffeine fix. I surveyed 194 Franklin High students to find out the answer.

  • Dunkin Donuts: 65%

  • FHS students voted this as their favorite coffee-stop in the mornings and Dunkin iced coffee is a New England right of passage (even when it’s snowing). Junior Emma Nicholson states “Dunkin is classic and convenient for students who may be in a rush, not to mention the great taste of their coffee!”, and she typically orders a caramel swirl with almond milk.  Junior Jenna Rodrick also states “I love the consistency of Dunkin’s coffee!”, and she orders a caramel swirl (regular). At Dunkin, I like the mocha swirl (regular), and the ability to get good tasting food that’s quick and easy to eat before school.
  • Elizabeth’s Bagels: 27%

  • This was the second highest favorite according to the poll on Twitter and is my personal favorite. Elizabeth’s Bagels is where I figured out that I liked coffee, due to their creative, handmade drinks such as Hershey kiss, White elephant, and Milky way coffees and lattes. I personally love the Hershey Kiss iced coffee, as it’s simply a regular iced coffee, but with a delicious hint of Hershey syrup lined along your cup to help get through a long day. If you like caramel, the Milky Way iced coffee has this same chocolatey hint, but with the addition of caramel. One downfall is that it is very difficult to go in Elizabeth’s and just get coffee, as their bagels and food choices are mouthwateringly delicious!
  • Starbucks: 5%

  • This is the priciest option and therefore typically involves the fanciest drinks (coming with the longest waits). Personally, I enjoy my Starbuck’s fix after school, when I’m not rushing to get a drink. They also have options for non-coffee lovers such as the strawberry acai lemonade and the popular pink drink. However, for coffee-lovers, Starbucks offers unique holiday drinks with a variety of peppermint and gingerbread lattes and frappucinos.

Honey Dew: 3%

  • Honey Dew was the least favorite of FHS students and therefore has the shortest waits before school. It’s location also makes it easy to grab a quick drink of coffee before turning down Panther Way, and you don’t have to make the dreaded left turn to get back to Panther Way. On the contrary, I’ve gone here before school for this reason, and my simple “medium iced coffee, regular” has been messed up a few times.