Unified Music at FHS


Elizabeth Clark, Writer

In 2016, Franklin High School started Unified Track, and in 2017, Unified Basketball was started, so it is with no surprise that there is another unified activity for 2018: Unified Music. Like unified sports, it will bring together students with intellectual disabilities, with students without intellectual disabilities to come together for music.

To find out more about Unified Music, I talked to senior Sara Doherty. She stated “I’m so excited about Unified Music because it gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves. Unified activities give everyone the chance to participate, no matter what their abilities are.” In comparison to Unified sports, she states “Unified sports open up a great opportunity for many students, but there are also many people who enjoy music and the arts more than sports. Unified Music gives every single student the same opportunities in that field.”

The club’s first meeting was on Friday after school, and they will continue to meet every Friday until 3:00 in the band room. Sara attended the first meeting and said “The club is so much fun because it is so go with the flow. We pick a song that everyone likes, put the lyrics up on the board, everyone gets an instrument, and then we all just sing and play. It is a very comfortable environment, even if people don’t feel like they are musically talented”

For more information, follow the clubs twitter account