Franklin DECA Takes on Districts

Alyssa Carolan, Editor

Franklin’s DECA team competed in its annual District Competition Tuesday, January 8th and Wednesday, January 9th at the Mansfield Holiday Inn.


DECA is Franklin High School’s “business” club.  The organization itself “prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe,” according to DECA’s website.  It’s a great way to practice problem-solving and public speaking while having fun about a subject you’re interested in.


At the competition, students are registered under different events, each one specialized to a specific type of business or business plan.  If you’re into sports, there are sports marketing events. If you’re into international business, there is an international business event. DECA has something for everyone.


On Tuesday, about 60 students left the school in the morning and competed until nearly 2:00pm, then came awards.  Tuesday’s competition focused on written project events and individual roleplay events. For more information about DECA’s competitive events, check out their website.


38 students qualified for States on Tuesday.  The list of qualifiers can be found at the bottom of this article.  Congratulations to all those who qualified!


On Wednesday, about 45 students competed.  This day focused on team roleplays. Of the 45 students who went, 7 qualified for States.  Congratulations to those students as well!


Massachusetts’ DECA State Competition will be held March 7th-9th at the Hynes Convention Center in the Prudential Building in Boston.  Good luck to all those competing!


DECA Districts Day 1:

Accounting Applications Event

1st: Kevin Petriello


Business Services Operations Research Project

6th: Benjamin Greco, Brendan Flaherty, Jake Davis

3rd: Alyssa Carolan and Teerith Pasricha


Buying and Merchandising Operations Research Project

5th: Kyle Cournoyer

3rd: Akash Shetty, Anish Gundimeda, Rohit Valivet

1st: Ann-Marie Janell, Valerie Kilroy, Ally Shea


Creative Marketing Project

6th: Neil Acevedo


Entrepreneurship Roleplay Event

4th: Arun Kavishwar


Finance Operations Research Project

3rd: Anthony Puleo

1st: Emma Lewandowski, Regan Paterson, Hailey Toolin


Franchise Business Plan Project

6th: Ben Jacoby, Jake Chiapponi, Liam Larivee

2nd: Anton Dzyuba, Jared Winiker, Jason D’Valentine


Independent Business Plan Project

2nd: Saketh Saripalli


Innovation Plan Project

6th: Aidan Clark

5th: Ankit Boruah, Nolan Norton, Mark Crane


International Business Plan Project

5th: Stephanie Malachowski, Christina Fuentes, Elizabeth Davis

2nd: Sid Chiganti, Vivek Chakrabhavi


Personal Financial Literacy Event

3rd: Michael Gallo


Sports and Entertainment Marketing Research Project

5th: Aadit Bhatia and Jack MacKinnon


DECA Districts Day 2:

Finance Team Decision Making Roleplay

5th: Shane and Luke Bryan


Principles of Business Management Roleplay

2nd: Eugene Li


Principles of Finance Roleplay

5th: Elaine Pu


Principles of Marketing Roleplay

5th: Justin Winiker


Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making Roleplay

5th: Nolan Mealey and Will Harvey