Swing into Semester 2 with a Jazz Concert

Jazz Band Rehearsals


Poetry Out Loud Senior Jazz Band

Catherine Smith, Writer, Videographer

Come kick off the 2nd semester with a Jazz concert! Jazz Band 1, 2, and Senior Jazz Band will put on a show Wednesday, January 23rd in the auditorium from 7-9pm.

According to Margaret Diehl, a freshman in Jazz Band, rehearsals have been going well and they’re “just putting on the final touches now.” Jazz Band has been working hard and preparing their music since October.

This is the first concert for Jazz Band this year, so come help them make it count. The band will be playing some classic swing, ballads, funk, and blues, so there’s music for everyone. If you went to see the Poetry Out Loud finals last week, you have a sample of what to expect!

According to Ms. Rudsit, the Band instructor, “They like to play jazz music, so our rehearsals are fun.”

Each combo will play two songs with solos from some members while the big bands play three songs.

If you enjoy this concert, or aren’t able to attend, there are many upcoming events like the Jazz Cafe on February 8th here at the high school, which also involves the middle schools. There are also some festivals in March, and on April 1 there is an event with the United States Jazz Ambassadors.

For a music event with the whole town later in the year, come see the Franklin High School band accompany Kenny Hadley’s Big Band at the Black Box on April 30th.

For a complete list of musicians performing Wednesday, click here.