Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Chung


Madeleine Lussier, Editor

You’ve probably seen him zooming around the school on his scooter and heard about his infamous hammock in the science office, but who is Mr. Chung?

Mr. Chung, this year’s AP Physics I and AP Physics C teacher, grew up in Northborough and is an alumnus of Algonquin High School and UMass Amherst. When Mr. Chung first decided that he was going to major in physics and become a teacher he was inspired by his own high school physics teacher due to his enthusiasm and positive attitude that Mr. Chung tries to model today.

There’s more to Mr. Chung than just physics though, his favorite fictional character is Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia because he is always so funny. His favorite color is blue like the color of his car and the bowling ball he uses for the teachers’ bowling league (yes they are coordinated). His dream would be a nice quiet house by a small lake where he could relax, go for swims, fish, and ride a boat.

When asked who he would be if he could be whoever he wanted Mr. Chung answered: “I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me. I like my uniqueness, and being the best I can be.”

His uniqueness played a part in his interest in magic. His passion started in middle school where he hated to be fooled by magic tricks and therefore had to learn how to do them. Mr. Chung said that he was driven by curiosity and stated: “You only fully understand something if you can do it yourself.”

And now, for everyone wondering what’s inside of the Taco Bell bag you see in his hand every day, here is Mr. Chung’s Taco Bell order:

  • Average Order: $5 box because it mixes things up
  • Otherwise: 2 chipotle chicken grillers with fire sauce*
  • Dessert: Apple empanadas

*Fire sauce is a necessity