Calf Cruelty

Elise Ravech, Writer

“Fair Life.” What comes to mind when you see this? Fair Life, maybe equality for all,  or maybe what it’s known for, a milk company. There have been many recent reports about Fair Life regarding the Indiana farm specifically.

Fair Life is a company who claims to be happy and healthy, reducing sugars and calories by 50%. While this may seem like a better choice, you must understand what goes on behind the closed curtain, and unfortunately it is not any good.

A gruesome video was recently released, by people who went undercover at this Indiana farm, and the results were horrific. This video showed a group of men going out each and every day to abuse baby calves and take them away from their mother. The video consisting of baby calves being kicked, hit, thrown, and separated from their mothers just after birth. These men would leave these baby calves, just born into the world to die, they would get what they want from them and act as if they did not exist.

These poor baby calves, just born into the world, are ripped from their mothers and beaten until they bleed out. There are terrible living conditions, not only are they hot and in direct sun but they are unsanitary for any animal. Just picture this happening to young children, being ripped from their mothers at birth and then beaten until they can’t move anymore.

So far, three men have been arrested and charged for animal cruelty.  However, this is not enough and more action needs to be taken. Richard Couto quotes in an interview with Chicago Tribunes, “A step in the right direction, the absence of these three idiviuals will lead to little to no change for the cows… it’s clear in our video the new born calves are suffering and dying…”

What action can you do to help? First and foremost stop buying Fair Life products because by doing this, you are only funding them in business, allowing their abusive behaviors further continue. If you want to help these innocent animals, share this video. By sharing this, many more people could view and take action for this gruesome behavior done by the workers at Fair Life. These young animals need our help to be saved from the cruelty and suffering they are currently going through.