Student Government Elections Have Begun!

Bella DeCrescenzo, Writer

Freshman students at Franklin High School are beginning the election process that will decide the class officers and representatives of the 2023 class.

There was a meeting in Room 218 on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 18 in which upperclassmen discussed the election process with the freshmen wanting to run for a position. One of these freshmen includes Jake Nims who is running for Class President. 

While describing the meeting, Nims said that the upperclassmen began the meeting by showing the students a slideshow addressing each position for which they could run. These positions include running to be a class representative, the president of Student Government, the vice president, the secretary, or treasurer. Along with Nims, Ravin Chaudhury, Jetrin Orenberg, Aimee Alston, and Anurag Kavishuar’s names are on the ballot to become Class President.

The upperclassmen then gave the students sheets of paper on which they need to get twenty signatures by their peers. These twenty signatures are necessary to make sure that the student is supported by their peers. Although Student Government elections are not a popularity contest, it is important to make sure that the student elected is respected and liked by others. 

Nims continued to explain the process and said that after the students get their twenty signatures, they must bring the paper to their house office where it will be signed by their house’s assistant principal. 

Once students get their twenty signatures, they begin campaigning to inform others of what they are running for and why they want to become a leader of the 2023 class. For example, Nims said that he began his campaign by making a video about himself and posting on social media. Campaigning is key to getting your message to the student body and becoming a well-known candidate.

The elections will be held the week of Oct. 1 during lunch at the tables near the entrance to the cafeteria. Student officer and representative elections allow each student to contribute to shaping the future of Franklin High School.