Empty Bowls Club Milestone

Empty Bowls Club Milestone

Lauren Melville, Writer

The Empty Bowls Club turns five this year. This Franklin High School club designs, creates, and decorate ceramic bowls to raise money for people and families in need throughout the Franklin community; this school year is the clubs 5th anniversary. 

The club works with and gives back to the Franklin Food Pantry with the help of Ms. Johnson and Drew Conrad, who is the president, as well as, the many officers including Roxie Ficco (vice president), Tori Chiklis (treasurer), and Millie Chalk (secretary).

Drew Conrad said that this club works to improve and spread awareness about hunger in the community by working with the Franklin Food Pantry. It being in year five is a huge thing… and the club hopes to have a party at the event to celebrate all the amazing work. 

The fundraiser, Empty Bowls Dinner, is at the end of the year, May 7, 2020. There are many handmade small bowls that each person who attends the fundraiser gets and people can auction for a more advanced ceramic piece, which could be a vase, a sculpture, and a set of bowls or serving platter. 

The fundraiser offers a serving of soup and bread with cookies as the dessert. The money from people attending the fundraiser and the money from the auction pieces all go to the Franklin Food Pantry. 

The annual fundraiser is held in the FHS cafeteria. But, every Monday the club meets in room 138. Show your support on Thursday, May 7.