Upcoming Series: Environmental Investigations


Emily Cesa

The team behind the new Pantherbook series at a brainstorming session.

Pantherbook Staff

In recent years, environmental issues have taken center stage in political discussions across the globe. How do these large-scale issues affect Franklin? Answering this question is the goal of Pantherbook’s newest series, known as Environmental Investigations.

Each week, a new article will be posted detailing an ecological problem pertaining to Franklin High School, or the town as a whole.

The series will be kicked off by Anika Patchala, who will talk about FHS’s resident environmental activists: the Green Team. Halle Goldsmith will discuss recycling practices and Amanda Wylie will inform readers about plant-based meat as a solution to meat overconsumption. Next, Gretchen Scotland will detail the issue of forest fragmentation in Franklin. Amelia Johnson-Pelligri will investigate the purportedly unsustainable cafeteria practices at FHS. Finally, Elise Ravich will summarize the findings of other journalists by describing the most effective ways for readers to get involved.

Emily Cesa
Is Franklin doing a good job conserving beautiful landscapes like this one?

“I definitely think that it’s important for students to become more aware about the environment, so hopefully this series will help,” says sophomore Emily Cesa.

Readers who follow along as Environmental Investigations progresses will begin to understand that ecological issues impact local populations just as much as the global community. Have any additional ideas for topics? Click here to share your thoughts.