Is Disney Plus Worth the Hype?

Elizabeth Clark

Recently, Disney came out with their new streaming service, offering competition to category leaders Netflix and Hulu. Although several nay-sayers thought that this was just another way for Disney to make more money, the streaming service is a must-have for all Disney fans around. There are many options to purchase it, including a bundle with Hulu, and an option to get it free for one year with certain Verizon plans.

Personally, I go to Disney at least once a year and can quote many Disney movies, so I got this streaming service the moment it came out, and I am already obsessed. 

First, I wanted to talk about the show I was most eagerly anticipating: High School Musical The Musical, The Series (HSMTMTS). I was initially skeptical of this long-awaited show, as I did not want it to do a disservice to the High School Musical of my childhood. I have to say, I am very happy that I gave it a chance. I watched the first five minutes and I started thinking to myself, “Why Disney, what is this? Why couldn’t you leave the original alone?”, and shut off my TV. But, after deciding to continue it and give it a second chance, I was mesmerized. I realized that they are not trying to remake the original film, but to honor it, and put a new spin on it. I highly recommend this show to anybody who liked the original films.

Another reason why this streaming service makes it worth the hype is the availability of shows from our childhood, including Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Disney Plus offers the full series of each of these shows, allowing for an amazing Winter binge of these shows we know and love. Watching it now, I appreciate so much more of it and find it interesting to see actors who have gone on to bigger things when they were just young teenagers. Furthermore, most of the Disney Princess, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney Channel Original Movies are available, providing loads of nostalgia and enjoyment for anybody looking for something to watch. The Simpsons are also available to binge, from season one to the latest season.

Finally, the rest of the original content gives both the extreme Disney fan and casual Disney-movie watcher a high level of entertainment. Though HSMTMTS and some of the Pixar shorts are the only original content I have personally seen, I have heard great things about The Mandolorian, Noelle, and The Imagineering Story.