Spirit Week 12/16: What to Wear


Spirit Week 12/16 Panther

Tess Bower

Student Government is putting together another Spirit Week and this is the lineup:

Monday: 80’s Day

Tuesday: Holiday Day

Student Government put together another spirit week!

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

Thursday: PJ Day

Friday: Color Block

Stuck on outfit ideas? Here is some festive attire for the week!

Monday is all about the 80’s. It was a time of bright colors, creative trends and crimped and permed hair. Dig through your parents closets and look for the craziest outfit you can find. Or even look through yours! 80’s trends are coming back full force, scrunchies, mom jeans, and even velvet dresses. There is enough 80’s trends to go around, so make sure to participate in this day!

Tuesday is Holiday Day. Get your ugliest holiday sweater or make your own! You can be as creative as you would like. Some ideas for this spirit day could include: Holiday Pj’s, ugly sweaters, festive colors, fun socks. Don’t be afraid to get creative for this day!

Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday. Think back to elementary spirit days and what your perfect wacky outfit would look like. You can mismatch clothes with a skirt on jeans and a sweater, or basketball shorts with a dress shirt. Knee high socks and crazy hair would suit this day perfectly. Show your quirky side on this fun day!

Thursday is PJ Day. When you roll out of bed on Thursday you will already be ready for school. Pick your comfiest outfit and try not to fall asleep during class. Rock your pajamas all day.

Friday is Color Block. Support your class and earns points on this day. Seniors will wear blue, you can wear FHS gear from the school store or an athletic program. Juniors have white, a simple t-shirt or socks will do the trick. Sophomores were assigned black, you could wear leggings or a pair of shorts. Freshman are red, they could sport a Red  Sox gear or a red bandana. Whatever your color is, show your spirit for the pep rally!

Dress up each day to help your class end up on top!

Student Section during the Pep Rally before break