Interested in Going to Germany and Switzerland this Summer?


This summer’s trip will include Berlin. Above is a picture of Mrs. Reilly and Mrs. McKeown who were on last summers trip.

Anika Patchala, Writer

The Berlin Wall was a concrete barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. The wall cut off West Berlin from East Germany.

Last year, the Franklin High School traveled to Germany, Poland, and Hungary. They traveled throughout Eastern Europe to explore explore history of the region. However this year’s trip will be more focused on STEM. FHS will be traveling to Germany and Switzerland this summer from June 29 to July 8, and is available to all current freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students.  Approximately forty to seventy students, along with six to eight teachers will be able to attend. The trip costs an overall of $4100, and covers expenses for hotels, airfare, tour guides…etc.

The 2020 STEM summer trip is intended to explore two new cultures and understand environmentalism in countries that are most successful in these areas.  Ms. Ayers, a current science teacher at FHS, explains this trip came about because “The science department wanted to help students get an opportunity to travel the world while also seeing science in the real world. It was a long process to put together, but we are excited to finally get it going!” She describes this trip as an “amazing opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone, see amazing sites, try new things, and learn about how to lead a sustainable life!”       


2020 Summer Trip Itinerary

What will the group be visiting on this year’s trip?                                                       

  • Berlin, Germany
    • East Side Gallery
    • Remains of the Berlin Wall
    • Tour of a working, urban farm
  • Freiburg, Germany (Model Sustainable City)
  • Black Forest of Germany
  • Lucerne, Switzerland
    • Tour a UNESCO world heritage site
    • Entlebuch Biosphere (natural reserve) w/ local environmentalists
  • Glacier in Swiss Alps (Mountain Range in Germany)
  • Visit Nuclear Bunker


Email [email protected] to enroll ASAP! Enrollment ends this Friday, December 20.