Franklin Supporting the Deforestation World Crisis


Fairfield apartments – Trees are an extremely essential part of our world and so much danger occurs when they are taken down.

Gretchen Scotland, Writer

You may already sense that deforestation is an issue in our world, but did you know, according to TWC, that 13 million hectares of forest across the planet have been transformed for different uses or ruined by natural causes? The World Counts is an organization that strives to make people aware of things happening in our world through shocking, but accurate, facts. As this is being written, about six more hectares are being demolished and cleared. This is an extreme problem in the world today, and Franklin is contributing.

Perhaps, you’ve heard of the new Brookview condominiums on Pond Street or the Fairfield complex located on Dean Avenue. Although these new buildings are giving additional people places to live, the town will not benefit otherwise. There are a total of 96 Brookview addresses and 85% have already sold; numerous people have moved in so far. The majority of the buildings are complete and the last homes are to be finished by the end of February or March 2020. The Fairfield apartment construction began in 2017 but was really kicked off during the summer of 2018. The homes are estimated to open in early 2020.

Original Franklin residents are being greatly affected by these new complexes, especially the construction that comes along with it. Elise Ravech, a sophomore at Franklin High School and a resident near the Fairfield apartments, gives her input on the new buildings. She says, “The apartments took the place of calming trees across from our house and made waking up [and] enjoying the day much less enjoyable since construction is always happening, even on the weekends. It makes it hard to want to be outside and just enjoy nature.” Not all Franklin members may be affected but the ones who live close by certainly are, and negatively. Ravech also remarks, “I personally don’t agree with the new development because as it is Franklin [already] has a lot of apartments so why is there another need to take down even more trees and take away even more animals homes?” The loss of habitats for a multitude of animal species is just one of the unfortunate consequences of clearing forests in the world.

The view from Elise’s house before construction began.
Elise’s view once construction was in full swing.










There are many reasons that the environment is in danger when trees are ripped from the ground. For one, once trees are cleared from an area, it makes the land prone to flooding because there are no roots holding down the soil. Since the soil is exposed, the sun will quickly dry it out and therefore it will never be useful for farming. Our drinking water is also put in danger, as the contaminants from erosion make their way into our supply. You’ve probably heard of climate change; taking down trees is a major cause that is urging global warming on. Essentially, people are getting rid of something that stores carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and as a result, the toxic fuel is left in the atmosphere we breathe. Furthermore, animals’ homes are being damaged as a result. 70% of the world’s animal and plant species live in forests. What is going to happen to them when there are no trees left?

The ultimate problem of deforestation in our world cannot continue. It stands up there with issues such as inequality and poverty. Here are just a few things you can do to help: plant more trees, reduce/reuse/recycle, and support non-profit organizations to show your support. Anything you can do will get us just a little bit closer to stopping deforestation and making the world a better place.