Steer Clear of Corona

Vedika Vinayak, Writer

I think that most of us, if not all of the Franklin community would agree that getting Coronavirus would not be a great way to end the year. I know you’ve all seen the headings, “Coronavirus Strikes Again” or “Deathly virus spreading” but do know how to keep yourselves safe? Below are some tips and symptoms to look out for.

Most of the virus has been contained to China, but as of 2/3/20, there was a reported Corona case in Boston. To keep yourself virus-free, follow the safety guidelines below.

1. Since viruses are not airborne (they can’t travel through air), you can only contract it through touching it or coming into contact with it, so make sure to keep yourself at a safe distance from anyone with the flu, or other infection.

2. Wash your hands (yes with soap and water)! Stay clean!

3. Cook meats and eggs thoroughly before eating (coronavirus mainly infects animals)

For more health tips, visit Healthline: Protect Yourself from Corona

Important Information

  • Do not use antibiotics for viral infections such as Corona or the Flu. Antibiotics are to be used for bacterial infections like pneumonia; if you use them for viruses, you may damage your cells and internal organs.
  • Coronavirus is a term for many viruses that affect your respiratory system grouped together
  • Image result for corona virusesCoronavirus mainly affects your respiratory system (lungs, breathing, etc).
  • Scientists are already working on a vaccine for Coronavirus. Soon, most people will have a better chance of fighting this virus (yay!)
  • For more information, visit Global Health Organization


The scary thing about Corona is that the symptoms only show up a week after you’ve caught it. This means that the virus has already infected you and gotten control of important systems in your body. Even when symptoms show up though, they present themselves as a simple cold  or flu diagnosis. For many people, a fever or runny nose is that last thing they think would be a symptom of Corona but this disguise is what makes the deadly virus, well deadly. Corona acts like an extreme case of the flu, so many symptoms are common between both viral infections.