Mrs. Aizman strikes her beautiful pose!

Nihara Lijan

“Hola, Starshines!” 

That is Mrs. Aizman’s famous quote that she says as she enters the class. Keep note, it is not sunshine but it is star shines. 

Mrs. Aizman is my math teacher. She has helped me a lot with understanding math a lot more and she is always there for any after school help.

Being a math teacher, the part she loves the math part of it. She believes that there are two sides to math. “Math is something that anyone can achieve if they want to. They don’t need to be “smart” or they don’t need to like math, but as long as you work hard enough, you will understand what you are doing,” said Mrs. Aizman.

Math isn’t something you get in one day. “It requires persistent effort and you need to read the problem over and over again. If someone says that they don’t get it, then stay after. You will understand it once you actually put in the care and effort for learning, “- Mrs. Aizman.

She loves seeing students put in all their effort to try to achieve something. She, like all teachers, care about the student who doesn’t get a good grade the first time but then meets the teacher after school and then on the next test, gets a really good grade. It shows that they were persevering through their struggles. Math isn’t easy but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t bad either.

Resilience is the key in math. You need to put in a lot of effort and read the problem over an over again. “Math is something that you can’t just keep before a test. Practice everyday. Even if it is 15-20 minutes, you will start to get the hang of it.” You will see that for the next test/quiz, you are more prepared and you would also get a better grade.

There is absolutely no problem in not understanding but there is a problem when you let that confusion ride on like a snowball and it will only just keep getting bigger until for a real test, you don’t understand anything on it. Instead of that, practice and practice and ask for help. No one is perfect but with practice you can be!