Student Mural Unveiled at FHS


Anika Patchala, Writer

You might have noticed the abstract mural coming along in the foyer. As her sustained investigation piece, Jackie Forcina, a senior at FHS, will be completing this painting for her AP Studio class. Generally, for most AP classes, an exam is taken at the end of the course. However for AP Studio Art, the student created multiple artwork pieces which are sent in to the college board to be judged. The project is graded on the execution of the piece, in terms of how well it was conveyed. Jackie plans to send in pictures of her mural to the College Board in May as her sustained investigation piece.

Jackie explains that she has been doing art her whole life. “I always loved art. I was always painting and experimenting with new things.” Jackie has pursued her passion in art, taking multiple art classes at FHS such as Intro to Art, Drawing and Painting, Portfolio, and now AP Studio Art. Jackie hopes to double major in art and environmental studies. 

The mural is over 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Jackie describes the mural as “one of the biggest pieces I’ve ever done.” Unlike most paintings, where the artist sketches out the piece in pencil, Jackie sketches out her pieces in paint while looking at her reference photographs. Having hundreds of sketches, Jackie uses her drawings “as a map” for her mural. She describes the theme of her sustained investigation piece as a focus on “the youth culture of our generation.”

Jackie explains, “I wanted to focus this piece on individuality because I feel like that’s our generation’s unique feature.” She hopes to express the ability to spend time with your friends and the individuality of our students with color in her mural. Jackie compares her painting to our school environment, explaining that her piece will consist of “people working, walking by, and hanging out in the background.”

Once Jackie confirmed her idea for her mural, she gathered many school members, friends, and acquaintances for reference photos. She is using a mix of bright acrylic paint for her mural to convey youth. Jackie plans to be finished with her piece by April. 

Jackie hopes for her viewers to understand “How special our generation is. Sometimes that means how they dress or act, sometimes it means the ability to do your own thing. I really respect that and want to see more of that in our school community.”