Who really is Bernie Sanders?

Nihara Lijan

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

Bernie Sanders, who is a democrat, describes himself as a democratic socialist. He believes that workers should control the means of production or in other words, he does not support capitalism. Democratic socialist also believe that socialism should be achieved democratically.

There is a difference between a socialist and a democratic socialist since there are practical reforms within capitalism whereas democratic socialists ultimately want to go beyond mere meliorist reforms and advocate the systemic transformation of the mode of production from capitalism to socialism. 

In 2016, The Economist, a magazine, suggested that despite calling himself a “democratic socialist”, Sanders actually fits being a “social democrat” for his embrace of “private companies that thrive and grow in America” and belief that “the middle class and the working families who produce the wealth of America deserve a fair deal”.

What are his goals for America?

Bernie Sanders has many things that he would like to achieve if he is president. For one he wants to eliminate tuition at public universities and colleges. One of his rivals, Elizabeth Warren also supported that and therefore Sanders went in more detail and introduced legislation to eliminate all of the country’s student debt.

He also believes a path to citizenship should be created for new immigrants. He voted for the comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013, saying, “It does not make a lot of sense to me to bring hundreds of thousands of [foreign] workers into this country to work for minimum wage and compete with American kids.”

Sanders also has many plans for infrastructure in the US. “For too many years, we have dramatically underfunded the physical infrastructure that our economy depends on. That is why I have proposed the Rebuild America Act, to invest $1 trillion over five years to modernize our infrastructure,” said Sanders. Sanders was really committed to creating job growth through infrastructure development and manufacturing industries and he had said: “America once led the world in building and maintaining a nationwide network of safe and reliable bridges and roads.”

Bernie Sanders was the frontrunner before Super-Tuesday but then when he campaigned against Joe Biden on Tuesday, people voted for Joe Biden because he gained more votes since Several people had dropped out and they started to support Biden. Both are very strong leaders. Let’s see who wins the democratic election!