Thank You Mr. Peri

Thank You Mr. Peri

Tess Bower, Writer

Mr. Peri will be transferring to Weston High School after this school year. He says he made the decision in mid-January to switch positions, looking for new challenges and opportunities. Mr. Peri has been part of the Franklin Public School community for 22 years, five of which he spent as principal of Franklin High School (FHS).

Similar to his time in Franklin, Mr. Peri wishes to build strong relationships with the students, staff, families and community members. Weston High has a significantly smaller student and staff population with a population made up of about 650 students and 80 staff members. This is an incredible leap for Mr. Peri as FHS has a staggering 1800 students and almost 200 staff members. According to Mr. Peri, a smaller school size will help him to construct stronger relationships with staff and students.

 Mr. Peri also says that the transition to a new position is crazy but while he works with Weston High, he remains fully engaged and focused on his work at FHS. Although saying goodbye to Franklin will be hard, he is excited for new opportunities and challenges at Weston High School. 

As for Franklin High’s next principal, Mr. Peri says that the superintendent is looking to have a new principal for FHS by mid-April. FHS posted the job online and is accepting applications and resumes through mid march. From there, a small number of top candidates will be chosen to do a round of interviews. According to Mr. Peri , there will be site visits. This is when Franklin Public Schools will go to the candidate’s work and the candidate will visit Franklin High.

 Mr. Peri also says that he will do everything he can to help the next principal to be successful. One piece of advice Mr. Peri says he would give to the next principal is to cherish the people and opportunities at FHS, saying that it is a special place.