Franklin’s Class of 2022 Virtual Banquet!


Elise Ravech, Writer

Unfortunately due to the circumstances of the Corona Virus and for everyone’s safety Class of 2022 had their banquet cancelled. Their banquet was originally scheduled for March 27th but since school has been closed all events associated with the school had to be cancelled.

Despite all of the disappointing news in today’s world they decided to make light of it and have their banquet virtually! It is important we try to find a some happiness with everything that is going on!

Both students who were attending and the planned chaperones submitted pictures of what they have been doing during quarantine but in their banquet outfits! The officers knew that people have been planning their outfits for quite sometime and wanted to make sure that it was not ignored!

Some of the very creatives ideas from both students and chaperones are attached so have a look, maybe you can relate to do the same thing in your quarantine!