Community Service in Quarantine

Aislinn Lavery, Writer

Due to the new need for social distance and quarantine, life at FHS has changed in many ways. One important aspect is in community service requirements for students.

Since we are all stuck at home, it’s become much more difficult to complete community service.

As a result, the community service hours required for all students to graduate has been deferred to next year. However, credit will be given for hours already served.

Also, NHS, FAA, and other FHS student groups have waived community service requirements for seniors.

However, if anybody wants to give back to the community at home, there are several different ways that you can help out from your own house.

First of all, you could join NHS and FHS Peer Leaders to write letters to the Magnolia Heights residents in Franklin. 

Residents at this home are going through tough times just like us, and might appreciate a short letter to help keep their head up. For more information, you can reach out to Carly Alston.

Painted rocks at the Town Common spread positivity and remind you to “Wash your hands!”

Another easy and fun way that you could spread positivity is by participating in the Kindness Rocks Project. 

Simply paint a rock with a positive or uplifting statement and leave it outside, and you might make someone’s day as they walk by and see it.

In these tough times, it’s important that we stay together, and spreading kindness- even in a small way- is one of the best strategies to do that.