Halloween Party Results in Extended Remote Learning for FHS



Remote learning extended

Tess Bower, Writer

Franklin Public Schools families and faculty received a disheartening email on Sunday November 1st. The Franklin High Schools Cohort A will not be going back to school for hybrid learning the week of 11/1, as originally planned. This news comes after the Franklin Police Department shut down a halloween party where there was alcohol being served to minors.  

The email families and faculty received explained that the indoor party on 10/31 was made up of approximately 25-50 FHS students. They also explained that the FPD broke up the party but many of the attendees fled the party when police arrived. There was no social distancing or masks present at the party. 

Email regarding extended remote learning from superintendent Ms. Ahern and Principal Mr. Hanna

What does this mean for sports and our schedule?

Franklin High athletic practices and games will also be cancelled for the next two weeks. The fate of the fall season is unknown as of now. The bell schedule will shift back to the schedule we had for the first two months of school. We will have a 10 minute homeroom block in the morning and 45 minute lunches will resume. 

Remote Learning schedule via Mr. Hanna

Although this may frustrate students and families, it is important to remember and thank our amazing administrators as they continue to make difficult decisions for our safety at FHS. 

Remember FHS, stay safe, wear a mask, and social distance.