What Teaching Remotely is Like For Teachers

Emily Matteson, Writer

Since the pandemic has started remote learning has had an impact on everyone. Online learning can be difficult for students, but it’s difficult for teachers as well. 

Ms. Digidio is a biology teacher at Franklin High. Ms. Digidio said that meeting remotely provides flexibility in meeting with students. 

She also said that remote learning provides more opportunities to meet with students if they need extra help. This is beneficial for students who need one on one instruction. 

On the other hand, Ms. Digidio said that remote learning as a whole class limits interactions between students and teachers and does not provide a lot of opportunities for hands-on learning. In the past, she could engage students in hands-on activities and labs to enhance learning, but now she has to think about alternative ways to keep students interested.

Although remote learning isn’t ideal there are benefits for both students and teachers.