The Do’s and Don’ts of Black Friday

Grace Tucceri, Writer

It’s finally that time of year again! Black Friday is less than a week away and millions of people are ready to take advantage of some of the best deals of the entire year. But do you know what you are getting yourself into? Look at the tidbits of advice below:

Do: Follow all guidelines. While shopping in person, make sure that your mask is on and you are maintaining social distance from other shoppers. Be sure to sanitize before and after each store visit. It’s also not a bad idea to wear disposable gloves if you plan on touching items. 

Do: Spend money on gifts for others. With Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter holidays approaching, it is a great time to purchase items for your favorite people (and pets)!

Don’t: Buy something just because it is on sale. Think before you spend. Do you really need to get that new TV, or do you just want it because it’s cheaper than usual

Do: Have a plan set. Know the hours stores open so you can arrive when you want to. Expect to be in a store longer than anticipated because lines may be long. Capacity limits in stores will make sure that you will be able to shop safely without bumping into other shoppers!

Don’t: Go in with no expectations. While this year may be different with COVID and all, Black Friday will still be a major event. You might not get what you are looking for since inventory for certain items is low

Do: Take advantage of online deals. Stores do have sales on their websites too! Amazon will be having a major event on their site with exclusive deals. Whether you’re looking to do a virtual “Target Run” or are dying to get a new pair of Lululemon leggings, visit your favorite shopping websites this Friday. 

Don’t: Order from random sites. Only buy from trusted retailers. You may be falling for a scam and may not receive your item at all! Do your research before you place an order.

Do: Have fun! There’s only one day in the entire year dedicated to shopping intensely. Enjoy yourself and think about what others want too. 

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