Student Spotlight: Ahan Shetty


Ahan Shetty

Hey FHS, meet your Class of 2024 President: Ahan Shetty!

While the freshman may know him well, the upperclassmen might have no clue who the Class of 2024 President is this year. Here is an interview with Ahan Shetty about his goals and personal interests!

Why did you run for Class President? 

Being Class President was something that interested me a lot. Being Class President gives me the opportunity to leave a positive impact on our FHS community, which I enjoy to do. Also, by being Class President I get to meet a lot of my peers and get to know them better, and I enjoy meeting new people.

Who are the other officers?

The Vice President is Julia Atwood, the Treasurer is Dominic Caccavelli, and the Secretary is Sophia Cuneo. We are a great team, and all collaborate really well together.

The Class of 2024 officers have been meeting weekly on Google Meet. (Grace Tucceri)

How have meetings been?

Meetings have been real smooth. We meet every Tuesday morning with our very helpful advisors, Mr. Lubin and Ms. Cullinan. We often discuss any new ideas for fundraising and the pros and cons of it, along with how to promote our fundraisers.

Are you involved in any clubs?

Of course! I’m part of our high school Mock Trial team, I’m in Jazz Band, and am also a part of DECA. In the fall I run Cross Country, and in the spring I play Tennis.

Ahan is playing some music. (Ahan Shetty)

What are your interests?

I’m a huge Boston Sports fan. If I’m free I will always try to turn on the Celtics game and I make sure I never schedule anything during Patriots games. I also like to play with my dog, travel, and hang out with my friends.

What classes are your favorite this year?

My favorite classes have to be History, Math, and Band. I like History because it fascinates what people accomplished in the past, I like Math because Mr. Taylor is an awesome teacher, and I like Band because I enjoy playing music with my friends.

What events and fundraisers are you planning right now?

We have a candle fundraiser and a Chipotle fundraiser coming real soon! Follow our Instagram and Twitter for more updates on those events.

Anything else you’d like to say?

If you ever are bored and need someone to talk to, feel free to say hi to me at any time!

Thanks to Ahan for such a successful and informative interview! Also, be sure to check Pantherbook weekly since there will be more Student Spotlights to come!