Student Spotlight: Ndoumbe Ndoye

Franklin Senior Ndoumbe Ndoye is a determined and passionate youth activist. Photo used with permission from Ndoumbe Ndoye

Jason Beckett

Franklin Senior Ndoumbe Ndoye is a determined and passionate youth activist. Photo used with permission from Ndoumbe Ndoye

In 2018, Ndoumbe Ndoye and several other students created the Diversity Awareness Club to address the negative experiences they had as students of color in Franklin.

Since then, the club has become a prominent one at FHS, meeting on Tuesdays from 3-4 and welcoming all students to become educated on racial issues in the community.

When asked why she felt the need to start the club, Ndoumbe explained, “I experienced many microaggressions and implicit biases growing up, to the point I was never comfortable in my skin and had such low esteem. When the club had started, I could not bare seeing others feel that way about themselves like I did.”

The Diversity Awareness Club works to make everybody at the high school feel safe and included, and has planned events in the past such as a fashion show to represent diverse cultures (cancelled due to the pandemic).

Currently, they are compiling a website with educational resources for students, children, and adults to learn about racial injustice and ways to work towards equality.

The club also continues to advocate for and discuss racial issues.

“The most challenging thing about leading this club is having those heartbreaking and uncomfortable conversations, but it’s time we start addressing issues people are going through,” says Ndoumbe.

As well as running the Diversity Awareness Club, Ndoumbe has been involved in considerable activism outside of school.

She mentors students of color at Parmenter Elementary School and has collaborated with town leaders on social injustice issues.

She is a member of the recently established Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee alongside figures such as Superintendent Dr. Ahearn and other administrators.

Ndoumbe believes an important step to being a better ally against racial injustice is not to let little actions, such as jokes you hear in the halls, go unnoticed.

Furthermore, students can help the discussion on racial awareness continue by taking the time to listen to one another.

“It is never too late to join and be a part of the change you wish to see in the world,” she says.

The Google Classroom code to join Diversity Awareness Club is 3t5tpyd.

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