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Restaurant Reviews: Have You Tried Franklin’s Newest Restaurant, Pokemoto?

April 2, 2021


Nihara Lijan

Located in the Franklin Villiage Plaza: The New Hawaiian Addition To Franklin!!

Pokémoto, the latest addition to Franklin’s fast food line-up, proudly claims that their food “is a taste of Hawaii!”

What is Pokémoto? 

Pokémoto is a new restaurant that opened up recently in the Franklin Village Plaza. Located next to Panera Bread, it specializes in Hawaiian Poke Bowls. Pokémoto’s main draw is their customizable meal option (similar to the build-your-own meal style at Chipotle). 

The signature bowls offered at Pokemoto! (Credits: Nihara Lijan)

What to Order? 

First, choose whether you would like one of their signature bowls or a customized one. If you choose the latter, there are three bases to pick from. Their most popular is the rice bowl and burrito bowl. You can include protein in your meal, for example different types of seafood, chicken, and as a vegetarian option, even tofu! Additionally, you can include different sauces and various toppings such as garlic chips, tempura flakes, and more! Check out the full menu here.

How is Pokémoto reacting to COVID guidelines?

According to an online reviewer, Pokémoto is kept neat with “appropriate floor markings to keep people physically distant”.  In addition, according to their main website, Pokémoto is following all recommended guidelines for health and safety by ServSafe, the National Restaurant Association, and the CDC. Some guideline examples are everyday protective measures such as hygiene and properly wearing a cloth face covering, keeping distance between people and serving food with proper supplies.

What do online reviewers think about this new restaurant?

One online reviewer likes that they “use fresh, high quality ingredients.” They added that Pokémoto “also has Dole Whips for dessert which I haven’t been able to find in the northeast and should not be missed. This is one of the best Poke shops I have visited and will definitely be back.” 

Ingredients used to make a custom poke bowl. There are much more!! (Credits: Nihara Lijan)

Another online review states that this new restaurant is “Just what Franklin needs! The service was super friendly and since it was my first time there they were kind enough to explain the ordering process and the full array of options.” 

Another online reviewer writes that it was their “first time visiting this restaurant.” They added that they “enjoyed the evening a lot with the generous service, with the fine food and fine drinks and with the modest cost.” 

Overall, Pokémoto has mostly 5 star ratings and has amassed numerous online compliments regarding the service and food! 

What do FHS students think about Pokémoto?

We interviewed sophomore Katharine Oglishen about her thoughts; she says that “the food was extremely fresh and delicious with a lot of variety to choose from. I recommend the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Poke Bowl. Overall I give the restaurant a 9/10.” 

This is the bowl that Kat recommends!! (Credits: Nihara Lijan)

Another sophomore student, Jacob Nims, shared, “When Pokémoto first opened in Franklin, I was beyond excited to try this new, authentic Hawaiian poke joint and was incredibly impressed when I finally did.” 

He notes that “the store was clean, convenient, and the staff was so nice! I have been back numerous times and haven’t regretted a single visit!” Jake recommends his personal favorite which is a “poke bowl with sushi rice, ahi tuna, cilantro, mango, scallions, edamame, sesame ginger sauce, and rice puffs”. 

The dessert item that Jake was talking about- Dole Whip!! (Credits: Nihara Lijan)

Furthermore, he states that “they also have poke burritos which I am really looking forward to trying sometime and Hawaiian soda and soft drinks which are SO DELICIOUS, and of course, you can’t forget the rich, tasty dole whip which is just to die for!” He says that he recommends the place to “everyone who is looking for a quick and toothsome meal!” 

Looks like Pokémoto has become a big hit among everyone!!

Official Pantherbook Rating: 4.75/5 stars. Pokémoto uses fresh, quality produce in their meals and has already been extremely popular among Franklin residents. In addition, their response to COVID has made many people feel safe when ordering from the restaurant. Overall, Pokémoto brings out a very welcoming atmosphere for it’s customers and is definitely a place to stop by!

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For more infomation on Pokémoto, check out their website or their social media: Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!


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