Restaurant Reviews: Best and Worst of Le Chateau


There are four tables in the outdoor seating, and with the weather warming up, this is a great option to have!

Katie Barrow, Writer

Fairly recently, Le Chateau replaced the beloved Joe’s which has all the Franklin residents asking if it is any good. Currently open for in-person dining, Le Chateau is located at 466 King St, right by King St Cafe and Spruce Pond. 

To reduce the spread of Covid, they set up dividers in between booths. Further Covid restrictions were unclear based on their website and some people chose not to wear their masks at their tables when they were not eating. There was also not much spacing between parties. The waiting area was a little bit too crowded. I wonder if they could have had a system of waiting in your car to be seated or pick up food, similar to other food places. 

However, they are offering safer options such as outdoor seating, takeout, and catering. You can even order your food online via their website

The Worst

From personal experience, I do not recommend ordering the burger. Even though it is an Italian place and that is not their specialty, I had higher expectations. It was very dry and based on the burger’s perfectly circular shape, I assumed that it was not fresh. This was definitely not worth the $13.

The Best

I interviewed sophomores Tess Bower, Mikaela Robillard, and Ella McLaughlin to hear their meal recommendations.

Tess has gone back multiple times for takeout and has had the toasted ravioli, the house salad, the spaghetti, and the garlic bread and she thinks they all taste good. “They had a lot of great options to choose from.” She really appreciated the service and had a very nice, polite waiter.

Tess and Mikaela both loved the chicken parm, $18.95. Tess rated it 4.5/5 stars and Mikaela gave it 5/5 stars. 

Ella said that the alfredo chicken penne broccoli, $19.95, “was really good” and that they also had “really good service.”  She gives this dish 4.5/5 stars. 

Official Pantherbook Rating: 4/5 stars. Le Chateau has great Italian classics. However, the pasta with sauce is $12.95 is very expensive for its worth because you might as well make a simple pasta dish at home for much cheaper. You should definitely try the chicken parm.

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Located right off of the 495 highway on exit 9.