Restaurant Review: Franklin Nutrition is the Latest Up-and-Coming Café


Josh Zicherman.

Located in downtown, Franklin at 5 west street. Photo used with permission from Josh Zicherman

Katie Barrow and Tess Bower

Have you heard about Franklin’s newest café destination? Look no further than Franklin Nutrition. 

Franklin Nutrition is run by a family business with Josh Zicherman, Yianna Zicherman, Josh and Yianna’s daughter, Tatyianna Zicherman, and Tatyianna’s husband, Frank Ansah.

Similar to Milford Nutrition, their products consist of energizing teas, protein smoothies, protein coffees, and coffee chillers. 

In an interview with the Franklin Nutrition crew, Yianna recommended the cookie dough protein smoothie because it “holds you over for a couple of hours.” “I also love the teas as well if I need a boost in my day.” Frank prefers the protein coffees with fat-burners for keeping his calories up after working out. He suggests the peanut butter oatmeal smoothie. They even have pre-workout drinks as well. 

The opening is still yet to be determined, but the Zicherman family is excited to have more people in the store. Their renovations to the space allow for an amazing, potential hangout spot, especially post-Covid. One of the tables even has outlets to plug in your laptop. Josh describes that he just wants a “place to hang out and have fun.” 

Left to right: Frank Ansah, Yianna Zicherman, Josh Zicherman, Tatyianna Zicherman
Photo used with permission from Josh Zicherman

The Zichermans have shown involvement in the Franklin community in the past, but they are looking forward to giving back even more through future events with schools and want to offer a space for people to gather. 

Tatyianna and Yianna’s weight journeys were partly why they were inspired to start this business. Tatyianna used the protein smoothies for her weight-gain journey and it worked well for her. Yianna used these drinks as an alternative to lose weight and lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks. 

Tatyianna adds that “We want to be able to help others and inspire them to lose weight or gain weight or whatever their weight goals are, we want to be able to help them with that.”

Katie visited the Franklin location and tried the Watermelon Sugar Energizing Tea. She recommends the drink for people who like sweeter drinks or candy. She believes this will be a great spot to hang out with your friends when it opens. 

Pantherbook reached out to FHS students to see their opinions of Franklin Nutrition’s sister store, Milford Nutrition, which showcases similar products.

Tess found the energizing tea to be extremely refreshing, but overly sweet. Tess rated the drink 4/5 stars. 

Senior Erin McCaffrey finds the overall environment super friendly and the staff very social. She got one of their mocha protein coffees and found it very interesting. 

Junior Julia Viola also went to Milford Nutrition. She was not a huge fan of the drinks but thought the overall environment was very nice. She gave it 3/5 stars.

Official Pantherbook Rating: 4/5 stars. Milford Nutrition has many great options for drinks, and if Franklin Nutrition can offer the same variety and friendly environment, it will do great in town.