Student Spotlight: Olivia Quinn

Junior Olivia Quinn, Boston Globe & Herald All Scholastic!

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Junior Olivia Quinn, Boston Globe & Herald All Scholastic!

Introducing…Olivia Quinn!

Olivia is a junior at Franklin High School in Franklin MA, and is the Hockomock League (Kelly Rex division) MVP! She’s also been named a Boston Herald AND Boston Globe All Scholastic! Congratulations Olivia!

Recently, I spoke to Olivia about her successful basketball career and how she balances her life. She is a wonderful asset to the team (they won the state title last year!), and I was curious as to how she’s gotten to where she is today!

Olivia started playing basketball in the third grade, purely for fun at first. But she fell in love with the game, and now plays club basketball all year round to keep her game strong for when the season rolls around! Olivia also listens to music and makes sure to stretch before every game. Although she does not know where she wants to go to college yet, she knows she definitely wants to continue playing the game she loves so much.

Having a balance of school, sports, and a social life is very important as a teenager. To keep her life in order, Olivia budgets time and makes sure schoolwork is done before anything else. Outside of the court, she is the president of the Taste Buds club at FHS and works a part-time job, in addition to spending time with friends and family.

Olivia reflects on how COVID has changed the game for her and her team, saying “I appreciate it so much more now and never take practices and games for granted”. She emphasizes how the sport taught her communication and cooperation, and that it brought her some of her best friends and best memories. Even through a pandemic, the bond on the team has not faded.

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