Student Spotlight: Emma Myers


Emma Myers is a senior at Franklin High School. Photographer: Hannah Maclean

When Emma Myers was 7, she told her mom she wanted to be an artist. Ten years later, she’s stuck to that, having recently committed to Lesley University to major in Fine Arts and minor in Art Therapy.

Emma is excited to explore the career opportunities an art degree will offer her. “I want to be an art teacher, I want to be an art therapist, I want to be a tattoo artist on the side…” she says. “And of course I want to freelance so I can continue creating my art.”

Emma works in most art forms excluding clay, but her favorite mediums are charcoal or pen and ink drawings. 

Her work dives deeply into the beauty of different cultures, focusing on women from all around the world. The most rewarding part of art for her is doing the research in order to respectfully highlight art we don’t often see represented in America. 

“A lot of the art we see represents Western culture, but there is amazing art in other places like Asia and South America too,” Emma says. 

Overall, Emma’s  research skills and passion for her subjects make her an amazing artist. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes at Lesley University!