Student Spotlight- Sean Kapples

Pictured above is Sean competing for a spot on the FHS soccer team.

Sean Kapples

Pictured above is Sean competing for a spot on the FHS soccer team.

Max Santiago, Writer

Sean Kapples, a huge supporter of the community, has left his mark on Franklin and its residents.

Throughout the summer and beginning of his junior  year, Sean has worked countless hours to improve the community that we all live in. He has done this through volunteering with Magnolia Heights for over 100 hours  as well as given his time to many other initiatives within our community.


Particularly, Sean is most passionate about the Twelve Days of Giving project that works with the Franklin Food Pantry to provide and raise money for the less fortunate; he believes that “not only should every child and adult have something to eat, but it should be good healthy food to nurture those who receive it.” Sean has taken on significant roles within this project over the years. Last year, he took his biggest leap yet and created flyers and his own website for people to donate online and support the Twelve Days of Giving

Another major project that Sean has been involved with is his new initiative called Generations United, which he created through the Community Service club. Sean is an officer within the club which means he holds many responsibilities, the most significant of which are, according to him, his responsibilities to “ create possibilities for other members – along with this it’s coordinating with other chosen leaders to plan and create activities”. Sean’s commitment towards servicing the community and giving back is almost unmatched.

Photo shows Magnolia Hight’s where Generations United plans to focus their work.

This new initiative, Generations United, is aimed at supporting those at Magnolia Heights’ retirement homes. In his own words, the mission of the project is to “ focus on putting the stigma of the younger generation being on phones and not as social in the past, by connecting to elderly and hearing what they have to say”. The end goal is to support and connect with those at the retirement homes by volunteering an hour or more, every two weeks where they play games, talk, and help around (if necessary).

Although Sean is mostly focused on the present, he plans to expand his already heavy involvement in Franklin and hopefully jumpstart Generations United into a successful project.


Whether students know it or not, Sean has had an impact on many lives in and around our community. He has come to be appreciated by many for his hard work and willingness to put others before himself. Sean plans on continuing on this path and will keep making our community a better place.