Different Opinions Arise about School Lunch This Year

Jiya Tayal, Writer

School lunch has been made free this year, causing a whirlwind of new opinions to arrive about Franklin High School’s (FHS) lunches.

The U.S Department of Agriculture announced that school lunches will be free during the 2021-2022 school year.  Because of this more people have started taking school lunch- it’s easier, free, and available.

Two popular food stalls in the FHS cafeteria: “Deep Dish” and “Little Italy” (Jiya Tayal)

School lunch can be found in the cafeteria.  There are a variety of options for a student to choose from: pizza, a variety of sandwiches, premade salads (grab and go), burgers, and more. 

This year since it’s free, the process to get school lunch has changed a little bit.   You wait in line for the stall you want, get your lunch, and just go.

Due to the convenience of getting lunch this year, this led to the increase in the number of students taking school lunch.  As a result, different opinions have risen about FHS’s school lunch.  One of these opinions is Kat Rosenberger’s.

Kat Rosenberger, a freshman, has been taking school lunches since kindergarten.  They believe that it is easier than making your lunch every day, and it’s simple and reliable.  In their opinion, the lunches at FHS are not terrible and are mainly tolerated because it’s what’s there.

This school year’s lunch is free, making things very convenient but it is unknown if school lunches will be free next year and if many people will stop taking school lunches due to their cost.