The Holiday of Boxing Day

The Holiday of Boxing Day

Jiya Tayal, Writer

Boxing day is a holiday that’s not recognized as a holiday in the US. Boxing Day despite its name has nothing to do with actual boxing. If you want to know why it’s called boxing day click this.  

Boxing day is a holiday celebrated on Dec.26. It is celebrated in Britain and some commonwealth countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and more.  

This holiday is celebrated because in the 1830s and the 19th centuries servants and the less fortunate would often have to work on Christmas. To make up for it the next day they would receive a special Christmas box or gift. 

This holiday originated in the UK and comes from late roman custom where they would place alms boxes to collect offerings for the feast of Saint Stephen.

This holiday is usually celebrated by giving gifts to the less fortunate, going shopping, and seeing some sort of sporting event but different people celebrate this holiday in different ways.

 Elle is a senior at the King’s School in St. Mary Devon, England who celebrates boxing day. She says: ”Boxing Day— I like it a bit. It is a bit sad as Christmas is over.” She added, “But a lot of it is now family-oriented.”

There are many reasons why boxing day isn’t recognized as a holiday in the US.  

Kat Rosenberger, a freshman at FHS says, ”I believe boxing day isn’t as well known here since in my opinion Americans don’t like giving back comparatively to the English.”

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