5 New Years Resolutions that are Actually Obtainable


Tess Bower

January 1st marks the beginning of 2022, a year for new beginnings! (Graphic Created by Tess Bower)

Tess Bower, Writer

New Year’s resolutions are often not kept throughout the year, whether they are too intimidating or seem unattainable. Here are Pantherbook’s 5 resolutions that are obtainable for 2022.

1. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Social media is a very broad concept, with multitudes of platforms containing short video clips, photo reels, and direct messaging. It is easy to drown in hours of scrolling on your favorite app, as many teens did during the height of COVID-19. With a new year, spending less time on social media can benefit your overall health, allowing you to spend more time in other aspects of your life. 

In order to keep this resolution, time limits on applications would work extremely well. You would set a timer on each app, giving yourself a set amount of time to go on the media a day. Once you reach that time limit, you will get a notification stopping you from going on the app for the rest of the day. This could be a good way to set healthy boundaries with social media in 2022. 

2. Journaling

Journaling has been found to be very beneficial to young adults’ mental health, allowing you to track moods, days, events, and whatever else may come to mind. Whether you have a direct setup or write whatever your mind pleases for that day, journaling is a great way to balance emotions and better understand yourself. 

There are many journaling applications that are available to download on your smartphone, or you could use a physical journal to write and draw in every night. Setting a timer for a half-hour before bed could give you the reminder to journal your thoughts for the day and help you stay in the routine of journaling. 

3. Going Outdoors

With what seems to be a never-ending pandemic, it is easy to spend all your time indoors. Being in nature can help to bring yourself sanity in stressful times. Going on daily walks with your pet would allow you to enjoy the outdoors while doing a chore-like activity. You could put on headphones and listen to music while you enjoy the fresh air. 

Visiting local parks and trails is also a great way to get outdoors. The Franklin Town Common has space to set up a blanket and read, or spend time with friends and family. Del Carte has trails around the pond that would be great for walking, even in the New England winter. 

4. Pursuing a new hobby

Hobbies are great ways to reconnect with yourself during the day. Whether it be reading, filming videos, or even arts and crafts, the time spent away from school and work can act as an escape from today’s reality. The best way to pick up a hobby is simply to start. Learning to knit? Purchase some yarn and watch a video to teach you. Being proactive in your success at something new is the best way to learn and stick with a hobby. 

5. Exercise

Getting more exercise is a very common resolution that often becomes very intimidating. Exercise comes in many forms, not just going to the nearest gym! Joining a yoga class is a great way to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Finding the right form of exercise can keep you motivated and feeling your best year-round!