“The Book of Boba Fett”: Good or Garbage?



Boba is back and better than ever!

Grace Tucceri, Writer

Over a year ago, The Mandalorian returned for a second season on Disney+ and knocked my socks off. From the name reveal of Baby Yoda/The Child/Grogu to the jaw-dropping Luke Skywalker cameo during the finale, there were no dull moments. However, it will be some time until I see Mando and his crew again, for Season 3 will not be back until next winter at the earliest. What a shame.

Just two of the toughest people in the galaxy. (Empire)

Thank goodness the team behind The Mandalorian created a spin-off series dubbed by many fans as “Mando Season 2.5” to provide fans with more information about the greatest bounty hunter of all time. The Book of Boba Fett follows the titular character on his quest to rule the galactic underworld alongside the mysterious Fennec Shand. The premiere took place on December 29 and I, obviously, sat down to watch it. Here’s my quick, mostly spoiler-free review:

Right off the bat, the episode started with a killer flashback that definitely will satisfy any Star Wars fan. I absolutely loved both Temuera Morrison and Ming Na-Wen’s leading performances since they portray their characters so well while adding their own sense of style to the roles. Also, the new additions to the ever-expanding canon of characters brought plenty to the table and delivered some hilarious lines. My favorite part of the episode easily has to be when the one and only Max Rebo made a surprise appearance after being presumed dead following Return of the Jedi. On the other hand, the fighting sequences were a bit of a letdown; Boba did not rise to the occasion and take matters into his own hands and got beaten up quite a bit.

Overall, it turned out to be a solid start, so I’d give it 7 or 8 stars out of 10. While the action sequences may not have been up to Mando’s par and the short runtime did not do much for me, The Book of Boba Fett definitely has potential to become another streaming success. Still not convinced? I literally just watched the second episode a few days ago and it blew my mind! Plus, you can even check out the trailer below: 

He lives! (Barry White)