A Look into Senior Year as Graduation Approaches At Franklin High School

Kate Rudolph, Photojournalist

Senior Clare Bowen showing off her college gear on Decision Day.
Seniors Kianna Thomas and Hailey Michenzie showing off their college gear on Decision Day.
Seniors are taking in every last sunrise over the side lot before their last day of school.
It wouldn’t be a regular day without the after school traffic for upperclassmen.
Typically, the end of senior year does not contain as much work, leaving students more time to do things like Wordle during class!
Despite end of the school year burn-out, students still work hard on their last few assignments during Direct Study to end high school off on a high note.
Some seniors show their future school spirit through college merch.
Students watch movies in class as AP exams and finals come to an end.
Teachers are helping seniors countdown to the last day of school with the whiteboards in their classrooms.
Seniors are taking in every last moment at FHS, even just walking through the hallway with their friends.
One way seniors get excited about the end of the year is celebrating sports teams, like Franklin High Baseball on Senior Night.
Franklin High School representing some of the various schools that the soon to be FHS Alumni will be attending. Good Luck in your Future, FHS Seniors!