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Nihara Lijan

The new look of the Loose Leaf Tea Company’s location in Pokemoto! Specially featured are Samantha Taylor (junior) and Anika Patchala (senior)!

Boba In Franklin?

May 27, 2022

Franklin’s new beverage hotspot has taken a spike in the last few weeks. The restaurant, Pokemoto, located in Franklin, MA on Franklin Village Drive has recently released a fan favorite: Boba!

Pokemoto in general has been a big hit for the past year that it has been in town. It is a Hawaiian Poke restaurant with food options from Poke Bowls to salads, burritos, soups, and dole whips. Online reviewers have rated this restaurant very highly, along with the addition of several comments mentioning the “high quality and fresh ingredients.” Recently, the newest addition of Loose Leaf Tea has been introduced, the company that is producing the Boba for Pokemoto to sell. 

Boba (or Bubble Tea) is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan. It usually consists of fruit-infused tapioca pearls put into a flavorful drink of choice. The boba pearls are made out of tapioca starch that comes from a root. Since the drinks are plant-based and not made with gelatin, they are almost always vegan. Boba has been popular in Asian countries since the 80’s; however, it recently has grabbed the attention of young teenagers due to its wide variety in colors, flavors, and textures. 

Loose Leaf Bubble Tea, or Boba, is becoming increasingly popular with younger demographics. (Creative Commons)

Pantherbook interviewed FHS students to get their opinion on this new addition!

Pantherbook first asked Leah Pilof, a junior at FHS. She claims that the “boba is great considering that there are no other options anywhere close.” She has heard mixed reviews, but ended up enjoying it.

Leah’s favorite drink was the P. O. G. Agua Fresca with boba. It is a fruity mango-pineapple drink with the added texture of boba. To Leah, it is a very “summery” feeling.  She recommends the Agua Fresca, Fantasy Berry Tea with Boba, or the Classic Milk Tea with almond milk (however, she does prefer only a quarter of the sweetness for these options.) Leah’s overall rating is a 7.5/10 and says that “it is definitely worth going to!”

As seen by their menu, Pokemoto’s selection is incredibly wide. (Nihara Lijan)

Next, Pantherbook asked Shriya Rajesh, another junior at FHS, for her opinion! Shriya mentioned that the new boba drinks are decent. “It’s nice that there is a boba shop in Franklin now because it adds a new variety,” she commented. “It’s great for a quick drink!”

Shriya’s favorite drink is the Fantasy Berries because it’s sweet but not too sweet. She described it as, “super refreshing and light, which is perfect for the spring and summer time.” Her overall rating is a 7/10!

Lastly, Pantherbook interviewed Katharine O’Glishen, another junior from FHS, about the new boba! Kat had stated that adding a boba shop to Franklin was a great idea. She mentioned that “it brings a whole new lineup of beverages to the community as opposed to the chain coffee shops Franklin is used to.”  She also really likes how the menu is very expansive and contains a lot of variety.

The Strawberry Matcha Drink from Pokemoto is one of their most popular. (Nihara Lijan)

Kat’s favorite drink is the Strawberry Matcha which is an iced drink with premium matcha, your choice of milk, and strawberry purée. She says that it is “delicious” and highly recommends going there. Her rating is a 9/10

Based on the reviews, Pokemoto’s Boba is a positive experience and definitely worth checking out. You can try it for yourself between 11am and 9pm at 274 Franklin Village Drive in Franklin!

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