Student Spotlight: Aishwarya Prakki


Aishwarya Prakki, founder and President of the Red Cross Club.

Avery Chalk

Aishwarya Prakki, a high school senior and aspiring doctor, has undoubtedly left her mark on Franklin High School. 

Prakki is the president and founder of FHS’ branch of the Red Cross Club, which has amassed over 200 students in just three years of operation. The club, through youth volunteer work and community service, aims to better the lives of those in local need – especially, those impacted by Covid-19. 

“I started the club during COVID when I was feeling hopeless about the whole situation, which I’m sure others were feeling too,” Prakki explained. “An overlooked effect of the pandemic was the inability for people to donate blood, which caused a national blood shortage. I felt that blood drives were just one way having a Red Cross Club at FHS could allow students to help during such an unsure time.”

The annual blood drive is just one example of the countless relief projects that the Red Cross Club organizes throughout the year. In the past, the Red Cross Club has coupled with businesses like Pokemoto, Chipotle, and SimplyTimePhotography to fundraise for various projects. These were all major hits, and Prakki hopes to use this momentum to propel the club to similar levels of success both this year and after her graduation.

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“This year, we want to hold two blood drives through the school year and complete at least three community projects,” Prakki relayed. “Right now we’re working on organizing a fundraiser to raise money for Hurricane Ian relief as one of these projects.”

The Red Cross Club is a great way to get involved with community service, as students can accumulate hours both at after-school meetings and whilst actively volunteering. However, Prakki wants to stress the importance of giving back to the community in all capacities. While working at a blood drive or cleaning emergency vehicles are prime examples of local volunteer work, Prakki urges highschoolers not to feel intimidated by their stature.

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“In the Red Cross Club, we organize and create big projects that hold significant value in the community”, Prakki begins. “However, volunteering anywhere, even if you have a smaller role, can be very empowering.”

Aishwarya plans to pursue a pre-med track post-graduation and eventually become a doctor. She also holds an immense amount of interest in social justice, saying, “It plays a critical role in healthcare and is very rewarding work.” Outside of school, Aishwarya enjoys reading, cooking, and watching documentaries. 

If you are interested in joining the Red Cross Club, information can be found at: @fhs_red_cross on Instagram. Club meetings are held on Thursdays after school, and the location is subject to change.