Then to Now – A Day in the Life of an FHS Student, 1992 vs. 2023

Then to Now - A Day in the Life of an FHS Student, 1992 vs. 2023

Lily Depoto

31 years ago today, students at Franklin High would be starting off their school day at 6:55 a.m. Classes spanned from 45-50 minutes where the standardized classes like math, english, science and social studies (history) took place. 

Although the four core subjects are still taught today, electives were quite different back then. Students could take classes like Home Economics where they learned to cook, typing lessons with typewriters, sewing classes, woodworking classes, graphic arts where they could make t-shirts, and automotive classes. Electives were very hands-on and students were able to learn skills that could be applied in everyday life. Many of the things the class of 1992 learned in electives would no longer be taught today, such as typing, which is now a basic skill that all students know. 

Dismissal was at 1:55 p.m. and after school, students could participate in clubs, sports, or even school council. The business club,

 DECA, was popular and still is, even 31 years later. 

Chris Depoto, former class president and as well as wrestler, competed on the wrestling team all four years of high school. 

“We were the first team in the state to win state champs three years in a row” Depoto said.

FHS wrestling team came out with three state chapionships in the early ’80s and ’90s. Other sports which gained similar glory were the golf team, who were state champions that year, hockey, and girls’ track. 

The field-house, which had an indoor track, hosted many state-wide track meets. The field-house was so popular, it even attracted the band Aerosmith to play there in the 1970s. In 1992, Franklin High School was still located in the same place as it is today, however, the graduating class was much smaller: 228 students.

Even with these small numbers, hallways were crowded as Franklin High decided that year they would try something new and have Franklin eighth graders join the school. 

“I remember having a hard time getting to class in certain hallways because of the amount of kids” Depoto added.

Principal Bergen made sure to keep students in line as she was the principal of Franklin High School at this time. In simpler times, the average hours spent on homework ranged from an hour to an hour and a half. There were no cameras and doors were left unlocked. Students also had to get a bathroom pass to use the restroom. 

As the students in the class of 1992 changed and became the adults they are today, Franklin High changed with them. Now, there are many noticeable differences in the average school day one had in 1992 compared to the present day. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how Franklin high school has evolved over the years and continues to keep progressing.