Oskey aka our school key is a franklin high tradition that will surely be a popular attraction this may. Oskey is a comedy show put on by the theater department which ranges from making fun of franklin high traditions to reenacting famous SNL skits. Although Oskey is open to everyone it is comprised almost entirely of seniors. Its a good way for people to get to know other students in their grade that they generally wouldn’t have gotten the chance to know. Ms Waters, one of the people responsible for the production, seems to enjoy the response the show gets every year. “It has by far the largest audience out of any of our productions…It begins the departure ceremony for seniors. It is a milestone for seniors to say goodbye to the school and its a reason why so many people attend.” The show has been a great success in previous years. One ex senior explains how much it meant to him, “There was a lot of work that was put into making Oskey happen…Being able to see the results of our hard work through the crowds reaction made it all worth while.”

Oskey is $5 for students and $10 for adults to attend. It is a town tradition that should be attended by everyone who is involved in Franklin high whether it be parents or students. Ms. Yankee gives a good reason why Oskey is the most anticipated theatrical production of the year “My favorite part about oskey is that students from different social groups come together to put on a show for everyone…Its a great way to make new friends.”