Famous Four Wings Of FHS

Queen B and Queen B

Do You Know FHS’s Four Famous Wings?

Franklin High School has four main wings: – A, B, C and D. These wings are where freshmen mostly take their classes. After their first year in FHS, they gain the freedom of having classes all over the building.

Franklin High School has four main wings. Each wing has something special that are known for. Starting with A wing, this is the wing of “foreign languages”.  This is the home Spanish, French, Latin and other languages I don’t know.

Going down the alphabet, second is the B wing. This wing is famous for two things. First is that up stairs B wing contains many upper class English classes. Down stairs of B wing, it is like a “science classes reunion club”. There are tons of science classes in B wing. Starting from AP Biology, Anatomy etc, you name it, you will all find them in down stairs B wing.

Third in the alphabet is C wing also carries the nickname “slow pokes wing”. This nickname is the result of the daily traffic jam in C wing. I tell you! In C wing, it is either people are moving too slow or they are not moving at all. Short people like me have such a hard time to get to our classes in C wing on time. I know that in school we have to be nice, but man!  C wing violates someone’s patients.  If you are lucky enough to make it into the wing, you will be taking classes in Math for the most part.

The last wing that I am going to talk about is the D wing. I personally love D wing, why you may ask? Well, find me and I will tell you. D wing is well known for its big variety of History classes. All upper classmen, who have their act together, take their history classes in D wing. I had my first American History class in D wing by Mr. Lighto a.k.a “I think I am the coolest history teacher in D wing”.

So there you have it. All what you need to know about our four FHS’s famous wings.

What is your view about FHS’ Four Famous Wings?