Boys Soccer Takes A Hard Hit From Attleboro

Travis LePage

Attleborohas always been a tough enemy forFranklinHigh School. Last year on their home turf, they beat the boy’s soccer team 4-1. This year though, theFranklinvarsity soccer team was not going down without a fight.

In the first half, both the teams came out ready to fight. After a foul in the box, Zach Scafati had a chance to putFranklinon the board with a PK. TheAttleborokeeper had a great save, but let the ball out of bounds givingFranklina corner kick. Reed Turgeon was able to put the corner into the back of the net, givingFranklintheir first goal.Attleborowas able to get two goals onFranklinthough, ending the half with a 2-1 lead.Franklinwasn’t ready to go down without a fight though. With a big speech from captain Reed Turgeon to get the adrenaline pumping, the boys came out with fire in their eyes.

Franklinwas able to keep the ball out of their net, keepingAttleboroto two goals. Sadly, they weren’t able to score against Attleboroagain. The game was well fought though, ending with Reed Turgeon having to be carried off the field after a harsh foul fromAttleboro.

Now the boys faceNorth Attleboroon Friday in North territory. Good luck boys, keep on fighting!