A New Manager for the Red Sox

On the evening of Saturday, October 20th,  John Farrell was officially named the new manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Formerly the Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, Farrell was swapped by his team for the Red Sox’s shortstop Mike Aviles, making Farrell the 46th person to proudly manage the Boston Red Sox.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Farrell, he has quite a lot on his resume.

Having been a manager in the past, a pitching coach for the Red Sox in 2006, and even a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians (1987), the  Detroit Tigers (1996), and  the California Angels (1993), Farrell has a lot to offer. And after a flop of a baseball season, with 93 losses by the Red Sox, an experienced manager is just what the team needs.

John Farrell has high hopes for new season:

“There’s a lot of quality players that are currently here and yet the results, the win-loss record, doesn’t reflect that. It’s my job and my intent to find out what took place and how do we best address it and correct it. They will get 100 percent every single day to put the best effort forward [and] to create an atmosphere that is not only professional, but winning,” stated Farrell in an interview with The Boston Globe.

This could truly be a new beginning for the Boston Red Sox, thanks to their new manager John Farrell. But of course, we’ll just have to wait and see!