This Just In: It’s Hard to Find a Place to Go

Marina Smoske, Lead Investigative Reporter

In a recent crackdown on excessive graffiti in the girls’ bathrooms, the administration has opted to temporarily lock the B and C wing bathrooms, where most of the writing is taking place.

Tamsyn Withers, a senior, pointed out that what seems to be a mild inconvenience is not so:

“It’s frustrating because there aren’t announcements about which ones are closed randomly, so people waste a lot of time wandering around searching for an unlocked bathroom.”  said Withers.  She went on to comment on how the lack of information girls receive can cause tardiness.

“I’ve  forgotten about five times that the B wing bathroom is locked, so I have to walk to the cafeteria.  Then back to English class.  Then I’m late… this is madness.” said Elizabeth Landry, a senior.

Female students seem unanimous in their opinion that the graffiti, though having taken on a life of its own, does not merit this level of intervention.

“It’s not like we’re being corrupted by it.  There must be some better way,” said a sophomore, who wishes to remain anonymous.  “I haven’t been inspired to ‘smoke mad weed’ anytime soon.  But whoever wrote ‘entrance to the Chamber of Secrets’ above the toilet by the caf, well played.”

“I think we’re all pretty annoyed by it,” said Sam Sabanosh, a junior.  “It’s not going to solve the problem… they’re just going to write in the other bathrooms.  And everyone else is being punished.”

The administration could not be reached for comment; the bathrooms will remain locked indefinitely.  Until then, may the odds be forever in your favor.

What needs to happen to prevent this inconvenience?


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