SnapChat Frenzy

Instagram and Facebook are some fun, and for the most part addicting, apps to have on our smart phones. However it seems as if a new app has taken the role as the next new thing that seems to leave people’s mouths at least twenty times a day. Snapchat, I think it’s called? Kidding, because obviously I have one myself and am  just as enchanted in it’s take-picture-then-send-to-friend glory. Because really, that’s all it is.

However, even though it has the same capability of a camera on a cellphone, there is something about this app that makes it more….”legit?” Maybe not the right word, but I know that one of the reasons for this app becoming such a frenzy is because of its easy access to taking a goofy picture of a friend and then sending it to them when they least expect it. Or at least that’s my special little reason.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are definitely some setbacks to this app that not many of us care to think about. Like for example, pulling our cellphones out because we’re too weak to fight the temptation, and getting caught in the act by a teacher. Or even worse when we send the embarrassing picture to the wrong person…whoops.

Well those are my issues with this fantastic app, and if i’m missing something, then you’re obviously free to comment below. On the other hand, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, and have no experience with the notorious ghost app, then get one. how about NOW?