A Look At The Upcoming Year For Franklin Arts Academy

Chris Baker, Writer

Franklin Arts Academy is beginning the year strong by exemplifying creativity and effort. Over the summer, each member is required to complete at least two pieces of art, which can be based on any theme of personal interest. Combined Arts I-II electives start off with presentations of each student’s summer work. Through these courses, students display all of their exceptional artwork from the past two months. One unique aspect of FAA is that members can focus on any subject of art they wish. Some students may be photography fanatics, while others are marvelous writers, musicians, and maybe even actors. This program looks forward to taking part in a great year for art, all within in a wonderful new school.

Aiming to enable students to learn through the arts, this program is known for enabling members’ creativity. The FAA also promotes a learning environment based on individuality and critical thinking. Students take part in a variety of art-based and cross-disciplinary units. For example, grade 10 artists in US History II take a creative approach to learning historical topics such as architecture and music. In addition to completing art-integrated units, student use their gained knowledge to complete projects in numerous categories, including video production and even ceramics. Since 2010, the FAA has been inspiring its members to flourish within an innovative class setting.

Adding to the excitement from the brand-new building, FAA also welcomes plenty of new students. They can be sophomores, juniors, or seniors; most first-year members are in Grade 10. Unlike past years, about fifteen juniors become part of the program, which is quite significant. It is great to see students of varying ages sharing a love for the arts.